In this month's update, Adam reveals the new record-breaking stats for the Kingston area, coming to you from a beautiful east-end property opportunity!

Video Transcription:

Let's just pretend it's April right now. Brr!

So here we are! I'm telling you the April report, but it's actually May, and the showers have done their jobs. When you take a look at the gorgeous Greenwood Inn here on Highway 15, the May flowers are in bloom. 

We've got listings up 126.8%, that's a phenomenal job! We're up 204.5% in sales. We can't get enough listings to satisfy the appetite for the buyers and because of that, it's our simple economic curve. 

We're up about 36.8% on our price, $587,000, $600,000, I think give or take a couple pennies, but we're again, closing in on that $600,000 average home price here in little old Kingston.

Near the 80% of all homes sold are in competition over asking price and the over asking price. We're sort of 107% to 108% sale price to list price value. I've heard from some of the seasoned agents that are out there that we've never seen an average price above a hundred percent in the marketplace, but that's what's occurring. 

It's an uncertain market up there and you need a friend! Myself, my team, we're gonna hold your hand right through from start to finish, gate to plate to get you that house.

Whether your feeling ready to buy or sell or you just need some advice, give me a call 613-539-0000!