The Kingston market may have slowed down, but it won't be for long! In this month’s update, Adam shares August's stats and what he predicts will happen in September!

Video Transcription:

Here we are at the Portsmouth Olympic Harbour, it is a gorgeous windy day, boats are still in the water, it's still gorgeous out. At the Kingston Penitentiary right now, we've got one of the biggest shoots going on. 

Let me tell you what happened in August! Right now, we're gonna be flattening off a bit, but we're gonna pick back up in September. It meant a reduction in listings once again. 39.9% down in listings, which results in almost 55% less sales that are going on. Our inventory is still low, it meant a rise in price of about 12.9%. So that's a difference that's like $545,000 versus $482,000. It was expected, it’s nothing. This reduction in inventory, I'm sort of relating to the pandemic. You walk into the grocery store and you want Charmin, but they don't have it, so you buy Cottonelle. I think you're gonna see a large amount of inventory starting to come in relative to what we're seeing.

August, one of the great things was, we were able to buy houses with conditions. Conditions! So we actually put a condition that we'd like to inspect it, we'd like to talk to our bank, we'd like to check the water out. We're here to hold your hand through the whole process.

I'd like to hear about your life! Call me at 613-539-0000! We'll hook you up with one of our team.