It's a new year and we have our stats in for the year that was 2020. Inventory remains low and prices are rising, which is great for sellers!

Video Transcription:

Covid is a terrible, terrible time. We're still trying to trade real estate, especially those people that need to sell, need to buy.

With that, let's talk about what the market is doing. Here we are with an all-time low, even below the 30-year low, 301 homes for sale, that's it! Actually, 49.6% reduction in inventory that we would've had last year, this time and we are selling a record number of homes 248, so that's a 55% increase over last year. 

The listings again are record, 214 sales vs 162 last year, that's 32% increase in the new listings. Tthere's an imbalance, there's a deficit of 34 homes. So if we keep selling this way, in a few more months, you know, we wouldn't have any more homes for sale. And then the big one that everyone's watching is average home prices. It's gone up 18%, 19%.

So when you're looking for a home, you can look for yourself or you can look with our team. The Koven Lifestyle team on top of everything this year was just named the 23rd top team based on GCI in Canada for Royal LePage.

Just trust us to help you! Call our office at 613-539-0000! Call one of our agents and we will get you where you need to be!