In this month's update, Adam gives you the latest local market stats, which are breaking records yet again, and reveals the current average sale price in Kingston. It's a great time to sell for top dollar!

Video Transcription:

So here we are in February and look, I don't have a jacket! Okay. It is a little cold and I'm gonna grab it when I'm all done here, but let's talk numbers.

Inventory continues to be dwindling, we're at 305 houses for sale. Like you can count 'em on your fingers if you have 305 fingers! But at 305, that's down 54.9%. Over half is gone. We have under a month of inventory. 

The listings are up, you know, we are up about 18%, 19%, but the sales are up even further. And the price point we're past $500,000, we're at $597,000 for your average home price. The Royal Lepagers, my colleagues, we're over $650,000. If we're talking average to the whole community, $597,000. 

We can give you the fair advantage to compete in this market and to win your house and not look back and say, what have I done? 

So give us a call, check out our website! We are constantly having new property come on and we are having them go off just like that, but maybe you'll catch it in between.

Give us a call at 613-539-0000! We'd love to help you find that perfect house!