In this month's update, Adam explains why the current market conditions mean that having the right Real Estate Team behind you is more important than ever!

Video Transcription:

So here we are in June, what's the market update? 

We have a continually staggering problem with this inventory. Inventory continues to decline. This is the first time we saw sales sort of flatten out at about a 1% increase. Our listings, you know, decreased by 37.5%. We had 1.2 months of inventory, which was absurd, and now we're at 1.1 month of inventory. Prices again, you know, it's increased up to 27.5% from last year, I think that takes us to about $585,000 for the average home price. If we calculate that from last month, though, that's actually a bit of a decline of a couple points. 

Having an agent that knows what they're doing, that has a finger on the pulse, that has inventory, we can help you! We can help you find your dream home and we know who can sell it! You know us! We will sell your home for you! That's why to call an agent. Call one of our team members! Call us today! We'd love to come out and look at your house. We'd love to come out and look at your garden. We'd love to come out and have dinner! Just have us out, we'd love to help you!

In this market, you need an agent, so give us a call: 613-539-0000!