Your monthly update is here again, and Adam is giving you the latest stats on average sale price, number of properties on the market, and much more!

Video Transcription:

Boom! Yeah. Hey, I didn't see you there! Just cutting a cord of wood, while selling houses.

Thank you for showing up! We're trying to stay safe, not just from Adam cutting off his foot, but also from this market. Covid concerns? We've got you covered! We're using all of our safety precautions to make sure we ensure safety for you, our homeowners, for our city. 

So what are the big numbers we all wanna know? Home sales are up about 68% at 516 home sales for March. Our average price on a home? We're just hovering at that $578,000-$600,000. Again, that is up 36.1% from last year. The positive note, 715 new listings! That's up 23.5% from last year. 

Does it mean that things are getting brighter? It's still competitive, you still need that plan, you need a strategy, so you need professionals that have that strategy! We know what it's like to put the hard hat on, to go and get a house for you! We are still happy to work for you, with you! 

Let's talk about your options: Call me today at 613-539-0000! Stay safe out there!