Kingston is starting to open up again, and Adam is out and about to give you the latest trends in the local Real Estate Market, interest rates, and more!

Video Transcription:

Grab a loaf of bread at Pan Chancho, go to Morrison's for an omelette, anything you can think of, have a coffee, just enjoy downtown Kingston!

Well, here I am in downtown Springer Market Square, and things are open again. This is fantastic!

We're at 729 new homes on the market. That's up 49.7% so that's really great. Price is up over 43.5%. We are at $596,000 and last year we were sitting under $415,000. 

So again, the average sale price continues to surpass last year's. There were talks of interest rates increasing, but if you look at some of the bank reports, you're gonna see that the key lending rate is gonna maintain itself. 

We are fortunate! We have a lot of great new listings, we have luxury, we have waterfront, and we have condos. So keep checking our website, you're sure to find something that you like. We've had some outstanding success over in the Greenwood Park area. There's something that you're looking for, we are looking for it too. So check in with us from time to time!

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