In this month's report Adam talks about the current market conditions. Good news for buyers who had been holding off and waiting for competition to drop off a bit. Now is the time to start looking again!

Video Transcription:

This is different than playing the piano, I am not zip-lining. 

So, what happened in March? Houses sold, houses listed... but how many? 

Well, our housing sales, they are, they're down, we're about 32% down in the market of sales. Prices continue to go up, but we're seeing less competition. So those of you that had fatigue thinking "Maybe I'll wait". Good move! 

Now it's time to purchase. So get out there, have a look at housing, take a look, get your feet wet and see if you find your dream home. Better yet, let us find it for you! So there's your market report. Are you a bit smarter or not? I don't know, but you're not paying for this report. 

Thanks for listening to me! Thanks for following! And thanks for following the new homes that we are listing. 

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