Inventory is down but the average home price is still up 28% in Kingston! In this months market update, Adam share his October stats and how staging can take your home from no offers to multiple!

Video Transcription:

It's October and it's beautiful! You can see that the leaves are changing but, is the market changing? It's changing a little bit. It's still multiple offers, inventory levels are down to 1 month, it's a 15 year low and listings are coming up!

The average price is $525,000 and that's up about 28%. Townhomes' average sales are $443,000 and I think that's up about in the 30s.

So I'm just saying townhomes are very hot, but when the market cools off and we're back, we have to be a little more creative. That's where I find staging comes in! Somebody says you should stage this house and you're like what does that matter? Maybe we'll have a little cameo coming up!

The stager comes in and she's very vocal about colours that she doesn't like and I won’t tell you those colours because you may be sitting in your room watching this saying “What's wrong with lime green?” There I just lost 8 clients. So she changes the colour and brightens it up or changes the backsplash! 

And I’m thinking, we had this house on last year that had offers, but it wasn't acceptable. All of a sudden, not only do we have multiple offers, but during the process of getting people through the house, people are walking in and saying "What! Wow! What did you do? It's so bright and so nice!" She staged this and brought people in! People notice the changes that conform to the things that make us happy. 

Lifestyle is the key! I have myself and my expert team. Call on us! We'll show you what we're talking about! Let us help you get to where you want to be!

Next time, let's get into a little bit more of these talks and let's give you a little more information that you're looking for!

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