The Kingston market is at a 30 year low for inventory and sale prices are up because of the heightened demand. In September's market update Adam shares how him and his team have adapted to these challenges for their clients.

Video Transcription:

The market is at an all-time low, a 30 year low for inventory. We're at about 407 homes, it's like a reduction close to a third of what we would normally have. Sale prices are up again, but that's just pushed because we have low inventory. Low supply, maintained if not heightened demand, so we get a higher price. 

I can sit here and say "Hey, it's a good time to buy" or "It's a good time to sell". You know what? There's never a good or a bad time and I'm going to give you the pitch. It comes down to who's working for you and who's working with you. Myself and my team, we adapt to any market change. So when you're in a market with this very low inventory, we have to find you access and find you the property. That's our job and we get paid for that. We don't pressure, we find exactly what you told us to do, and we go and do it! That's the plan before we go and we open the door or before we tell you what the market's doing! 

Everyone's individually different. If you want to live here in Greenwood Park, we'll find you something! You want to be on the west end, we'll find you something! We're here to serve! That's what we do! That's what we get paid to do! 

We hope to hear from you soon and to be out on days like today and enjoying this weather with you! So give me a call 613-539-0000!