Episode 1

Buying or selling a home? Want to know how to pick the best realtor for you? Adam from Koven Lifestyle Real Estate shares the 3 most important characteristics you need to look for when selecting your real estate agent.

  • Accessible
  • Engaged
  • Informed

Video Transcription:

So you're looking for the perfect real estate agent for you. Where do you start?

Let's ask Adam!

Accessibility, an idea plants in your head, you want to talk to somebody and they've gotta be available and you know, I have to talk on the sales side of things. In 5 minutes that person's moved on. When that message comes in, if you didn't pick up your phone right off the bat and say, ‘Hi, Adam Koven’ well five minutes later, they're gonna say, "you know what? I'm gonna go call John Smith."

I think you have to feel when you're speaking to somebody, just like your best friend, you know, you can tell when they're really kind of just like "yeah, no, I'm listening, I'm engaged, What do you have to tell me? I'm listening. I'm with you, right now."

Somebody who's in this business has gotta love what they're doing. Is this part of what makes up their DNA? Is this something that they live and breathe and they love though. You know the saying that, if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. You really gotta feel that this agent is out there representing you, hunting for you and they've gotta be connected to have all the tools in their toolbox. 

If you need a plumber, if you need banking, if you need just a quick answer or reassurance that you didn't make a bad decision, because you hadn't spent a quarter-million dollars before, someone's gotta be there at the moment you need them to have the right answers. Then when they find it, they fight for you and keep you involved along the way, it's not always about them, it's the team, and when they're your team member, and you're part of this team, you have faith that 24/7, they're out there on the hunt for you, that they're going to work for you!

Three takeaways that you need to know for finding the perfect real estate agent:

Number one,
Accessibility. How easy is it to get a hold of them?

Number two,
Engaged. When you do get a hold of them, are they present? Are they there with you?

Number three,
Connected to the community. Are they informed? Do they know the ebbs and flows of what's going on in the city?

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