Episode 5

Adam Koven of Koven Lifestyle Real Estate provides advice on the best home improvements for resale.

Video Transcription:

The million-dollar question we all wanna know! How do you make more money when you sell your house?

Let's meet Adam!

So first gauge your neighbourhood, what's the value here? Take this home, and what they did was the important stuff. All the visuals, the flooring, the walls, it's a blank canvas now. That is the huge percentage of your home. People walk through that door and say, oh, all I have to do is one, two things, as opposed to ugh this is a project. So they're gonna discount your home before they even walk in.

You take a look at things like the kitchen in here, which is fantastic. It's 20 years old, but if you do the kitchen, you might get a dollar for every dollar you put in. Don't do it! Your marble is somebody else's Granite. You put in $20,000 here, which is what they've done. They're gonna get $40,000 to $50,000. Doubling your money, that's a smart renovation!

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