Episode 3

Kelly Kennedy of Koven Lifestyle Real Estate describes the various neighbourhoods of Kingston Ontario. Where do you want to live?

Video Transcription:

So this is Sunnyside, I love Sunnyside, I live in Sunnyside. It is a fantastic neighborhood! You're close to Loblaws, the library, and the Y. You're just far enough away that it's not filled with students, but you're really central. Great houses, big, small apartments. It's mixed, old, young. It's a fantastic place to be!

We're in Meadowbrook Park off of King's Lake, a little more space out here than in the downtown area, the Midtown. Bigger yards, there's lots and lots of trails, there's a dog park, there's a kid park. So if you have somebody that works in the west end, somebody that works downtown, this is right in the middle! It's awesome! It's a good place to live!

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